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What if a media machine had existed in the days of the Bible?  As the stories of the women of Scripture unfolded, what would the headlines have been? 

     How would a grocery store tabloid have covered the birth of Jesus? "Virgin Teen Gives Birth to Alien Child."

     What if Queen Esther had written a blog or Mary Magdalene had a website?

     If Rachel could have texted Leah, would she have said, “Jakb is MINE 2nite! Hanz off!”


     WOMEN WHO DARE TO BELIEVE is a thought- provoking two-volume Bible study focusing on women in Scripture who walked in courage and pushed against their culture to take their place in the unfolding plan of God.
     What do they have to say to you and me? At times their choices were messy, complicated, devious, conniving and virtuous - but always courageous.


     Rich with personal application, this study will fill you with faith to believe past your circumstances for what God can do through you in spite of what the world may say. 

     Gather your best friends, make a pot of coffee and join Bonnie and Nan as they dig into the private lives of our fore sisters in the faith.


     Get to know the mothers, sisters and daughters of God who make up the crimson line of the Messiah.

This is your hour.  
Will you dare to believe?

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