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     "The 'Women Who Dare To Believe' small group study brings the stories of biblical women to life and the application questions powerfully apply to contemporary issues. This study challenges women to take action steps that produce positive change based on the truth of God's Word. It's refreshingly different from other studies--and it will capture the hearts of your group!"Carol Kent, Speaker and Author,

     "I was privileged to preview this work before it was released and also to be present at the premier performance. It is absolutely amazing!! I laughed, I cried, and I marveled at Gods anointing so evident in the creativity and the spiritual truth portrayed. I want everyone to see it!! Bonnie and Nan...[bring] to light instruction from the scriptures surrounding the various women portrayed and the issues they faced.  Not surprisingly, we face some of the same issues today as women who dare to believe in the face of a world that doesn't! - Candy Davison, Women’s Ministry Coordinator Sandy Cove Ministries Conference Center, North East, Maryland

     “It never occurred to me that these women of Scripture — who I'd passed over with very little thought — had so much to teach me. What an exciting study! These vividly etched characters — these flesh and blood women of God — provide an astounding vision of the Heavenly Father at work then and now, and helped me connect the dots all the way through history from them to me, to better-understand the big picture of redemption.”  - Sue Buchanan, author, speaker, cheerleader

     “If you think Bible studies are dull and laborious, think again.  Bonnie Keen and Nan Gurley have developed a women’s Bible study that is not only going to teach you about the fascinating lives of the women of the Bible, but it will entertain you in the process.  Both women are accomplished actors, gifted communicators, and talented entertainers.  Their sense of humor, hopeful hearts, and love of teaching come through every page of this study.  This is one women’s Bible study your group is going to love!” - Martha Bolton, Emmy-nominated writer and author of over 50 books of humor, including “Didn’t My Skin Used To Fit?”

     “Oh, if you have ever longed to have the Bible come alive for you, you are holding the life-changing key in your very hand. This study of God's Word is like none other on the planet! All the dusty stories of long ago have been dusted off and brought into living color. You will discover answers and applications for living your own life with fresh vibrancy and transformed understanding! Open these pages and begin at once to walk in a new sense of personal joy and direction!” - Glenna Salsbury, Christian Conference Speaker and Author of "Heavenly Treasures."

     "This offering is saturated with raw, buoyant, unconditional love. I ache to see the musical!  And I’d encourage all to experience this study. It will be marked by a wondrous marriage of excellence and humanity.” - Alicia Britt Chole, "painting portraits of truth that refresh the soul,"

      “As I previewed "Women Who Dare to Believe," I laughed, wept and marveled at the anointing that is all over this brilliant work! I can’t wait to see how God will use the stage performance and the Bible Study to rally His Daughters!”  - Candace L. Davison, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Sandy Cove Ministries, North East MD
     "Women Who Dare To Believe” reminds us that it is God who lifts and sustains us in this world whatever our time in history. It is so much easier for me to believe in his love for me when I experience the answers to my prayers…just like I prayed them. I dare to believe in the Fathers love even when his good for me hurts.  This study reminds me it is only by his Spirit that this is possible.  He continues to work mightily in women to bring about his will and to give glory to the Father who made us for so much more than what we see. Go, girls, but only with him.”  - Nancy Puryear, Director of Women's Ministry, Christ Community Church, Franklin TN

     "Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen are the real deal. They're as much "women who dare to believe" as any of those described in their studies. Within these pages, expect wit, humor, authenticity, insight, truth, camaraderie, and a fresh look at inspirational lives.” - Fiona Soltes, writer, missionary, friend, and fellow follower of Jesus.

     “Bonnie Keen and Nan Gurley have a passion to bring Biblical truth to light.  From their wealth of experience and biblical knowledge their latest endeavor 'Women Who Dare To Believe' offers a fresh perspective which will encourage and inspire us in our daily walk with the Lord." - Sharleen Dluzak, Director of Women’s Ministry, Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg MD

     "It is interesting - usually I forget about a movie or a play within one or two days.  But I thought and thought about Friday's play for about a week.  I actually cried hard the next morning thinking about it - and I'm not a crier!  And I did a 1.5 hour Bible time with my family Monday morning summarizing about half of it.  And then Elaine burst into tears!  I am so glad I bought the CD.  I have listened to many of the songs over and over. - Paul Moore, Roanoke, VA

     “I have never felt a kindred spirit with women in the Bible till now.” - Mary Williams, great-grandmother and Owner/ President of Mary Williams Guide Service.


     “My thanks to the authors for writing this book.  I feel like I have had a private, in-depth visit with each woman we studied.”  - Bernie Arnold, writer and former newspaper food editor, life-long Bible student.


     “I was truly touched by the performance.  I found myself laughing and crying.  I want you both to know how much you have touched my life.  Thank you again." - Teresa Bobbitt


     "What a wonderful presentation of women of the Bible through drama and music!!!!  I was especially moved and brought to tears by your portrayal of Barabbas' mother and Mary. What a strong and unforgettable example of forgiveness. Thank you so very much. - Glenda Farmer

     “Seeing the women your portrayed from the Bible on stage brought new insight into their heart. They struggled just like we do as modern women.  It was a reminder that God is with us just as He was with those individuals. " - Stephanie Redmond


     “My heart was filled with joy during the ou used a scarlet scarf to enact the stories of 21 women of the Old and New Testaments...women who God used to fulfill the promise of our Savior!  Thank you for bringing Scripture to life using your beautiful voices, showing me how God can still use ordinary women, even today! - Brenda Richter


     "This is awesome. Our moms wrote it. Thank goodness they are finished." - Erin and Lena Gurley, Courtney Keen

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